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WazooWazoo “Love at first swipe”

Wazoo “Love at first swipe”

Paul & Mary dining in a dark candle lite restaurant, a bottle of wine, a nice meal for two can start a relationship that can lead to a long life partnership or marriage


How did they meet? Well it was online dating, they simply downloaded an App created a profile, listed their needs and wants and “hey presto” a list of matches to choose from.


If finding a business, tradesman or service was this easy ? “Well Guess What” it is!


Here’s how you can create the perfect business-customer relationship with Wazoo.

Simply download the Wazoo App from Google Play or App store and with easy steps create your profile. Select the services your offering or the services you need, add a few images, tell people about yourself and within seconds you are matched with possible customers or businesses.

Using the same technology as online dating sites Wazoo matches your needs and wants with companies offerings and services, matching businesses to customers. What I love the most is the swipe feature, it is so simple if you like a business just swipe right and it automatically sends a contact request, if you don’t like a business just swipe left – it is as simple as that!


If you then find a possible match with Wazoo with instant Messaging you then send a message and start communicating. With added functions like send PDF or Image Send or even share your location – this App offers many different functions.


From Beauticians to Accountants, Painters and Dog Walkers, Hair Stylists to Fitness Instructors Wazoo has it all.  New businesses are joining everyday, there is every type of industry represented in one way or another.  This App is only new and is growing at the speed of a freight train and it’s absolutely free to use for businesses and customers -now there’s a tool well worth using!

We all value relationships whether its our love life or getting our house painted, building that trust and relationship is always at first site if we get that fuzzy feeling or not. Wazoo perfectly puts together the needs and wants of customers with the offerings and services of businesses creating that first spark – “its the beginning of beautiful friendship.”


There are many App’s in the market place these days offering just lead generation to businesses that do not deliver value. What I like so much about Wazoo is not the fact that it is totally free but it allows businesses and customers to communicate directly from the App.

The swipe function is my favorite, I could play with this all day and if we are not spoiled enough each business has a 1 minute video intro which reminds me of the mid-70’s video dating craze.

Not only is there a profile, a gallery, a rating system, instant messaging, PDF sending, location sending, photo, image sending, contact notifications directly to your device and by email, call direct from the app there is also a 1 minute company video intro if you can not find your perfect match “I will eat my hat” 10/10 guys.

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Really good blog wazoo is a fantastic idea when I downloaded the app I thought the idea is so simple and the author is really right in saying it is like a dating app and business relationships are the very same.

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